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plx Turing v1.1

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Add More SECURITY To Your Site

PHP Turing Script

Add more security to your site with this turing number generator ! Probably you have seen this kind of security measures taken on most serious sites - yahoo, moneybookers, stormpay and so on. You can add this great feature and please your site members with more securty. When login, signup or whatever security forms are submited on your site you can show randomly generated security code which the user should input in a text field for verification. This way the script blocks the hacker programs from try to submit a form. The hackers programs and robots can not read the generated security code from the image as this number is always different and looks different. The code text is disordered but still remains readable by humans and unreadable by programs, scripts or robots. You have total control on the size and the look of this image - from colors and sizes to font family and character rotation. You can make all the settings in the script or you can call the image generator with GET parameters used to set every scrpit variable.
Easy integration!
Usage example included!

The script requires PHP with GD and Freetype libraries installed.

See some examples below (with corresponding settings). Refresh the page to see how the image and code vary:

$img_width = 130;
$img_height = 34;
$strlen = 5;
$fontsize = 18;
$fontname = 'verdana';
$col_bg = "#FFFFFF";
$col_text = "#00000";
$col_border = "#000000";
$col_noise = "#000000";
$noise_count_from = 3;
$noise_count_to = 8;
$angle_from = -15;
$angle_to = 15;
$text_top = 26;
$lettercase = 1;

$img_width = 100;
$img_height = 26;
$strlen = 6;
$fontsize = 12;
$fontname = 'impact';
$col_bg = "#EEEEEE";
$col_text = "#00000";
$col_border = "#CE0000";
$col_noise = "#888888";
$noise_count_from = 2;
$noise_count_to = 5;
$angle_from = -10;
$angle_to = 10;
$text_top = 20;
$lettercase = 2;

$img_width = 140;
$img_height = 30;
$strlen = 8;
$fontsize = 14;
$fontname = 'arial';
$col_bg = "#FFFFCC";
$col_text = "#330099";
$col_border = "#FF9900";
$col_noise = "#33CCFF";
$noise_count_from = 5;
$noise_count_to = 8;
$angle_from = -12;
$angle_to = 12;
$text_top = 24;
$lettercase = 3;

Here you can see an example form, using turing number: example form

We accept Paypal, 2CO and Moneybookers!

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plx Turing v1.1 $10.00 $5.00 $5.00

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