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plx QuickPay Extended v3.6

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Own a QuickPay Site and make easy money

As the owner of a "QuickPay" site, you will sell memberships to the site for $20 or whatever price you choose. Currently membership gives access to several ebooks. We would recommend adding other benefits in the future. The site includes an affiliate program that will pay members $15 INSTANTLY to their PayPal account for new referrals. As the site owner, you will receive $5 PAID INSTANTLY for every new referral. Your members are very motivated to recruit others because they receive $15 per referral PAID INSTANTLY. It is very straight-forward but a great money-maker. The site is programmed in PHP/MySQL. An admin area is included so that even someone with no computer skills can operate the site. Someone with just a little time to market this type of site will do very well! Please note that you can change the above membership prices to whatever you would like. Accepted payments implemented in the script are paypal, moneybooker, egold, stormpay, e-gold, intgold, clickbank. In the admin area you will find great feature that give you total control of the site - page content editor, easy SEO, payments stats, top referrers list, members management, (support) messages management, mail sending, mass-mail, CSS editing (for advanced users) and so on... The look of the site can be changed easily using 2 html (one for the visitors and one for the members) template files.

System Requirements :

  • PHP 4.0 or newer
  • MySQL 3.22.04 or newer

Script Demo:

members area - username: tester; password: tester
admin area - username: admin; password: admin

We accept Paypal, 2CO and Moneybookers!

Version / Description Price Installation Support Purchase / Download
plx QuickPay Extended v3.6 $30.00 $10.00 $20.00

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