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plx Ad Manager v1.6

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Ad management and tracking with detailed stats

An Intro

Use this script to manage all your ads on all the sites you have. Enjoy all the powerfull features - Geo targeting, IP filtering and limitation, 4 ad types (tracker/counter, image banner, flash banner, full-code/free-text ad), 3 type of user accounts with different access level (admin, site owner, advertiser), ad rotator, detailed stats based on complete log of all the views and clicks.

Ad Properties

  • Web Site (mandatory) - separate the ads by web site for easy management; define yourself the list of sites under management
  • Web Page - if you need further grouping of the ads you can define web page or place of appearance on your site. For example you can use 'index page', 'promotion page' or places like 'header banner', 'bottom banner' and so on. After that you can use rotator to rotate all the ads on this page or place.
  • Price Category - Use this property for your own reference and to separate the ads for rotators (if you need)
  • Ad Category - Define ad categories if you like
  • Advertiser - the ad owner. You can set advertiser's account and let him view the stats of his ad.
  • Geo targeting - if you select countries from a list then only visitors from these countries will see the ad; if you leave the selection blank all the users will see the ad
  • IP filtering - you can define how many times for a certain period an ad should be displayed for a visitor (recognized by IP). Perfect for your google ad sense campaign to prevent fraudulent clicks.
  • Don't show clicked - if it is clickable ad you can use this property to hide (for certain time period) the ad from user that already clicked it. If the user already clicked the ad it is good idea to show him another ad or to stop offending him. You decide how to use this powerful feature.

User Management

3 account types with different access level:
  • Admin (you, the owner) - access all the features
  • Website Manager - has access only to these ads and web sites that are defined by Admin. These accounts can be created only by Admin.
  • Advertiser - the user that pay for ad space. He can only see the stats for the ads he has access to (defined by Admin or Website owner)

Detailed Stats

  • Select custom time period with date-pickers and popup calendar
  • Fast period choosing - today, yesterday, current week, previous week, current month, previous month, jump 1,3,5,7 or 10 days back or forward
  • Referrers - Log of all the referrers, the URLs that lead people to the site where the ad is displayed.
  • URL Mapping - Define mappings for more convenient view. For example you can make the google-search referrer to be displayed like 'Google - keyword', instead of "https://www.google.com/search?q=keyword"
  • Browsers, Resolutions, Screen Color Depth, Javascript supported, Country and all the detailed info you need to know for your visitors
  • Click stats with URL of appearance (if you rotate the ad on more than one URL)
  • Custom sub-trackers - if you use one ad on more than one page or on different places you can split and recognize the place of appearance simply by adding "sub=your_word" to the ad calling code. For example you can use only 1 tracker/counter for your whole site, but you can see the most visited pages by adding "sub=page_title" for every page
  • Hourly stats for you to see the most busy time of the day.

Much More

  • Easy setup - use the setup wizard. You need only to upload the files to your ftp and then the installation is as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Search and display filters that you will like .
  • Light, simple and fast-to-load interface .
  • Data Backup and Restore .

And Last but Not Least

This script is created to cover all we needed to manage ad campaigns and is tested and optimized for over one year. It is optimized to handle big amount of traffic, up to 1 million views in a month. And this amount of data will make it only 2-5 seconds slower, depending on your server speed.
And not to forget one important feature - you define the server time zone and you have real stats. Very convenient when the server where your host the script is in another time zone than yours.


Admin Guide

System Requirements

  • PHP 4.0 or newer
  • MySQL 3.22.04 or newer

Script Demo

admin area - username: admin; password: admin (this is admin account that will let you see and test all the script features)

We accept Paypal, 2CO and Moneybookers!

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plx Ad Manager v1.6 $50.00 $10.00 $20.00

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