Icon Brushes

Learn some cool tricks and how to create Photoshop brushes from your favorite Icons. www.purephotoshop.com

Animated Link Button

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to make a simple animated link button. We are gonna keep it as simple as possible so you can understand. www.purephotoshop.com

Industrial Metal Navigation

Tired of the cheesy metal effects? Well lets try this one on for size. Get that industrial metal look and pack it into a cool, custom nav bar. www.purephotoshop.com

Creating 3d Objects using Photoshop

3D objects, namely icons, the little graphics that grace the interface of almost every conceivable GUI application you can possibly think of. Icons give us a visual representation of the functions, tools, and processes they represent. In this article, we'll step through the process of creating a very nice 3d icon using reference material.

You can see here: www.purephotoshop.com 

Oxygen's Factory, Aquarium Plant

Source site: Steve's DigiCams
Source page: Oxygen's Factory
Photo title: Oxygen's Factory, Aquarium Plant
Author: Alex Kawazaki
Camera used: Canon PowerShot G5.

Oxygen's Factory, Aquarium Plant

treklens.com - Learning about photography through our world

TrekLens was created by Adam Silverman and went online in March, 2004. TrekLens is based on the same code used by TrekEarth. However, TrekLens allows for more types of photos to be displayed, including pets, family, friends and more post-processing.
The underlying theme of TrekLens is learning more about the world through photography. TrekLens fosters this by allowing photographers to display their work grouped by regions in a supportive and orderly environment. This is accomplished by an easy-to-use system which encourages people to critique each other's work. Integrated with this system are forums designed to encourage discussion about specific photos, countries, and general topics. Since TrekLens is globally oriented, it is completely multilingual capable, allowing for the widest audience possible. Ultimately, TrekLens depends on the civility, honesty and participation of its members.

Featuring PHOTOgraphic magazine

MOST AVID PHOTOGRAPHERS devote considerable time and energy to studying their craft and refining their skills, with the goal of improving the “quality” of their images. Certainly, our primary mission at Photographic is to provide sound instructional material that enables our readers to become more proficient photographers. In defining “quality,” however, it’s all too easy to get hung up on technique and ignore the emotional impact—either positive or negative—of the images we create.

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Mars 'more active than suspected'

New images of Mars suggest the Red Planet's surface is more active than previously thought, the US space agency (Nasa) reports.

Photographs from Nasa's orbiting spacecraft Mars Global Surveyor show recently formed craters and gullies.
The agency's scientists also say that deposits of frozen carbon dioxide near the planet's south pole have shrunk for three summers in a row.
They say this is evidence to suggest climate change is in progress.

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