Windows to the Soul

Source site: DP Challenge
Source page: Windows to the Soul by elsapo
Photo title: Windows to the Soul
Author: Justin Black
Camera used: Canon EOS-300D Rebel.

Windows to the Soul

Icon Brushes

Learn some cool tricks and how to create Photoshop brushes from your favorite Icons.

Animated Link Button

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to make a simple animated link button. We are gonna keep it as simple as possible so you can understand.

Industrial Metal Navigation

Tired of the cheesy metal effects? Well lets try this one on for size. Get that industrial metal look and pack it into a cool, custom nav bar.

Creating 3d Objects using Photoshop

3D objects, namely icons, the little graphics that grace the interface of almost every conceivable GUI application you can possibly think of. Icons give us a visual representation of the functions, tools, and processes they represent. In this article, we'll step through the process of creating a very nice 3d icon using reference material.

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